post Stellaween by Ulla Nyeman

Photographer Ulla Nyeman recreates some of her favourite trick-or-treating scenes for our latest Stellaween shoot, featuring adorable little ones in spooky Stella Kids styles.

What do you love most about Halloween?

The excitement. There’s a great energy when the Kids get to go trick-or-treating. We have a couple of great neighbourhoods in Brighton and Hove where everyone makes a great effort dressing up, decorating their houses with smoke machines and fake hands coming out of the houses… It’s such great fun. Sadly, all my kids are older now, but I always loved helping them dress up, my husband Bob did their face paint as he is brilliant at painting spooky faces.

Trick or treat?

Treat—I always have sweets by the front door, sadly we often end up having to eat them ourselves, as there are not many kids left trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood anymore.

Did you have fun making the story?

I had great fun thinking about props and working with the kids. Everyone had such a wonderful and busy day creating the scenes and setting the mood. I shot this story during the day as the children cannot work at night and really tried to keep a dusky feeling to the story as I think going out trick-or-treating in the dark is the exciting part of Halloween for the kids and of course coming back home with a BIG bag full of treats at the end of the evening.

You have collaborated with Stella Kids a few times now, what is it that you love about the brand?

I love the playfulness and the quality. It really feels like the clothes are made for the kids; it’s not just a design label for parents to dress them in. Keeping away from leather and fur is a bonus too.

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