post Idris Elba joins Stella McCartney in a new campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

Celebrating the launch of, award-winning actor Idris Elba stars in the new campaign short film “All is Love”. Honest, confident and inspiring, it sheds light on the devastating disease, a cause very personal to both Idris and Stella.


A cast of women reveal their mastectomy scars in beautiful, natural scenes, directed by Mollie Mills and photographed by Ana Sting. We see our stars as proud and strong, channelling the power and the beauty in overcoming breast cancer.

The cinematic short film aims to inspire, support and educate, as Idris voices an emotive poem by Kai Isiah Jamal. Through Idris’ narration, we challenge the taboo surrounding men talking about breasts openly with their partners, also serving as a reminder that breast cancer effects both men and women and the experience extends beyond the sufferer to their loved ones.

Poignant moments appear throughout the video as we connect intimately with women like Phoebe, who launched a community charity after beating the disease, and Sarah, a mother of two who overcame both breast cancer and PTSD. This project is part of Stella’s continued contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness.

An exhibition showcasing the campaign will be held at our Old Bond Street store from October 10th. The “All is Love” limited edition bandana will be available to purchase from October 8th in select Stella McCartney stores and at The “Rose Romancing” set is available to order from Stella McCartney stores and online. The “Louise Listening” post double mastectomy compression bra is available to request from October 15th at, free of charge for those in need.